CE Linear Spotlights Wholesales Die-casting LED 15/20/30/60W Linear Wall Washer Recessed Grille Light

Short Description:

1.Multi shape design : different combination in linear and square shape to fit the changeable market demand and different application space
2.Hidden recessed design : Rapidly integrates with the surrounding environment,making it difficult to find the connection between the lamp and the ceiling
3.High brightness led chips,accurate light distribution,uniform light color
4.Reinforce the buckle to prevent the lamp from falling off
5.Multi-reflector system design,it is easy to change beam angle by yourself

Product Detail

Product Feature

1.The whole lamp is made of thickened aluminum and can dissipate heat quickly
2.No Flickering,no video flash turn on the mobile phone to shoot ripple free
3.High CRI, restore the color of real objects
4.Use intelligent constant current drive, custom-designed lens reflector, soft light
5.Surface high temperature paint treatment, anti-rust, efficient heat dissipation, durable
6.Bright black inner ring to absorb excess glare
7.CCT adjustable and dimmable,suitable for all kinds of smart system,external constant current driver,meet the LVD and EMC request
8.Fixed anti-glare direct-down design,exquisite and dexterous,with a strong sense of space integration
9.Lam can be customized in different colors
10.Wide illumination and high brightness
11.Stable driver and high quality LED light source,achieve no frequency flash effect
12.The simplified retrofit installation can be used in both new and existing spaces
13.Mounting: New construction installation or remodel installation
14.Suitable for jewelry stores, boutiques, luxury goods stores, shopping malls and other places that require concentrated lighting
and accent lighting.

Product Spec

Code Watt Lumen(lm) Optic Cut-out(mm) Size(mm) Installation
8861303 15W 1310lm 30° 82*82 92*92*49 recessed
8861304 20W 1810lm 30° 190*46 207*54*49 recessed
8861305 30W 2650lm 30° 157*82 168*91*49 recessed
8861307 35W 3150lm 30° 388*45 397*54*49 recessed
8861309 60W 5750lm 30° 234*120 246*132*49 recessed
Light source SMD
PowerSize 15/20/30/35/60W
CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K
Beam angle 30°/45°
IP Rate IP20
Install style Recessed
Optional Control Triac/0-10V/DALI
Operating temperature -20℃-+40℃
Working Life 30000H
Ouput voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Transformer mounting built-in
Control standard on/off
Housing Color White/Black
Certificate CE
Warrenty 3 years
Applications Shops/Office/Lobby/Showroom
Reflector Color White/Silver/Black


Q:Where is your factory?
A:Xiaolan Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China
Q:What kind of certificates do you have?
A:All kinds of certificates can be provided as clients demand.
Q:How long will it take for samples?
A:Normally 3 working days for our regular items

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