2022 New LED Fan Light – Pioneer Series

Summer is quietly approaching, and the temperature is gradually getting hotter. How can we cool down in summer? The editor has launched a wave of summer freshness for everyone: Wanju Pioneer series fan lights.

Wanju fan lamp is ingeniously cast, with high cost performance and guaranteed quality. It is a reliable high-quality product!

Let's take a look at the production cradle of our fan lights first!

vace lighting.1
vace lighting.2

Wanju Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 11 Wencheng West Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to the ancient town of "Lighting Capital of the World". It is a technology-based green lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's products cover commercial Lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting and other application fields. With independent laboratories and large-scale production lines, products have passed the certification of various regions around the world, Wanju has been focusing on the core concept of "customer-centric, creating value for customers", winning domestic and foreign with high-quality products and rapid response. The strong approval and cooperation of first-class customers!

The above are our production bases with strong strength.
And now the protagonist is coming Pioneer series fan lights!

Appearance: Simple, exquisite, atmospheric, the perfect combination of lamps and fans, beautiful, fashionable and space-saving, full of artistic atmosphere.

 ceiling fan light

The fan blade is made of PC material, which has good flexibility and has a rotating diameter of 106cm.

It can cut the airflow densely and restore the comfortable experience of natural wind ceiling fan light.4

Performance: Wanju fan light adopts high-quality LED light source, no stroboscopic, three-color adjustment, easy to match with various home styles.

ceiling fan light.5

Warm white light, bright for home; natural light, comfortable and natural; warm yellow light, giving you a warm and comfortable feeling.

ceiling fan light.6

Intelligent remote control, with timing function, timing automatic shutdown, worry-free and power-saving.

Using high-performance variable frequency motor, stable and safe operation without noise, high efficiency and energy saving.

ceiling fan light.7

The intimate six-speed wind speed can be switched freely to meet the different wind needs of the family and bring a comfortable home experience.

ceiling fan light.8

Support forward and reverse function, switch at will, forward to cool breeze, enjoy the cool natural wind; reverse transformation into an air-conditioning partner, promote the air circulation of the whole house, and prevent air-conditioning syndrome!

ceiling fan light.9

Although the air-conditioning is comfortable, believing everyone knows about various air-conditioning diseases. Fan lights can solve this problem well for you and your family. , it is both a lamp and a fan. The two-in-one effect solves the needs of indoor lighting and cooling, and improves space utilization.

Wanju fan lamp is simple and practical, fresh and elegant, there is always an best item for both home and office, come and choose!

Post time: Aug-05-2022
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