Recruitment begins for a new smart factory in South Yorkshire that will create 300 jobs.

Manufacturer Lontra has launched the first round of recruiting 300 employees to welcome them to a new £17 million smart factory at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.
Midlands Corporation designs, manufactures and exports high-value industrial equipment for key industries, and the new site will create products for the global food, pharmaceutical and water treatment industries. Award-winning vane compressor technology delivers incredible efficiency in power-intensive operations.
To meet expected demand, the business is investing £7 million from the South Yorkshire Mayor’s Joint Authority.
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In May, Trebor Developments completed a long-term lease on a 59,271 sq. foot, which is part of the Avion Business Park.
Over the next six months, the site will undergo a major overhaul of the entire workshop and offices. Attention is now turning to building a team that will support the rotary compressor plant.
CEO Steve Lindsey said: “Lontra’s success is entirely based on our people. Our core culture is openness and fairness, and we strive to uphold this as everyone at Lontra strives to become a global industry leader. Important section.
The company is partnering with Elevation Recruitment Group, which will manage the recruitment process at the Doncaster facility.
Senior Director John Bohan said: “Working with a company with such a strong reputation in engineering and manufacturing is a rewarding experience and one that I am personally very proud of. The experience and network we have in the areas of expertise required for these positions allows us to find the most valuable people for Lontra.
“When I say this, I speak for the entire Elevation team and we are very excited about this collaboration.”
The first phase of the campaign will include the search for HR Managers, Facilities Managers, Purchasing Managers, QHSE Managers, Supply Quality Engineers, Purchasing Engineers, Quality Engineers, IT Support Engineers, Production Managers, Team Leaders, and Machining, Assembly and personnel testing. .

Post time: Nov-02-2022
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