Wanju Lighting Strategy Seminar

Wanju Lighting Strategy Seminar was held at Xinhui Longquan Hotel from 2021/11/19-2021/11/20, . The general manager Freeman with all managers in different department attended this meeting and discussed future strategic planning and organizational structure with consulting teachers, this strategic meeting is particularly important for Wanju Lighting’s development in 2022.


Through the in-depth analysis of the company's strategic environment, this meeting provides insight into the market, predicts risks and seizes opportunities. After heated discussions, the meeting clarified the business direction of Wanju Lighting in the next three years and the market, products, talents and sales strategies in 2022.


VACE attitude is not to be afraid of the past, not to be afraid of the future, and to live up to the present!

At the same time,VACE would like to thank all our customers for their trust and support in us! In the new year 2022, we will continue to provide more efficient, professional and convenient lighting solutions for the industry and customers with a more rigorous attitude and fuller enthusiasm!

On the road of forging ahead, VACE look forward to walking with you, let us work together to the future together!

Lighting requires energy. Manufacturers, designers, engineers and users are obliged to use limited resources to the greatest effect.VACE helps you rise to this challenge by supplying only the most efficient LED technology.

In putting people at the heart of its strategy,VACE develops and designs its products with focus on a careful, perception-orientated approach to lighting design.VACE lighting technology uses light to create hierarchies of perception, and specifically, to ensure optimised performance of the visual task at hand.

Light is essential. Light is poetic. Light provides atmosphere and orientation. People have always used light as a way of creating harmonious places.VACE understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture.

Focusing on the future , together with the famous lighting experts ,senior designers and lighting consultants, VACE Lighting is always dedicated to the development of products. Exploring the development of lighting industry, VACE Lighting takes the scientific applications as guidance, to highlight the value of "light", to continue to seek for “energy saving ,eco-friendly and professional lighting".

Vast ocean, lofty spirit ,soaring determination, challenging future !

Let's grasp the pulse of times , with the spirit of "innovation, agility, integrity and win-win". Let's join hands with the famous international brands ,to move forward , to be the benchmark of the commercial lighting industry.

Post time: Mar-09-2022
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