LED Track Light VACE PALLAS COB 10/20/30/40W Aluminum Commercial LED Spotlight for Exhibition Hall Clothing Store

Short Description:

1.Anti-glare design:utilize the black light technology to restrain effectively the glare for improving the satisfaction of lighting environment
2.The classic square shape matches the exterior design,showing a concise and natural appearance
3.Offer a wide choice of beam angles,colour temperatures,brands of light source and driver as well as anti-glare accessories
4.Set damping mechanism in the lamp body rotation structure,strengthen the operation experience

Product Detail

Product Video

Product Feature

1.Bright and high light, good focusing effect, high display and color reproduction, less flexible angle adjustment, long light range
2.360° rotation, 90° angle adjustment up and down, flexible adjustment of angle and direction, better lighting
3.The lighting is warm and soft, bright and comfortable, creating a delicate atmosphere of space art
4.Three colors are optional, different colors can make people have different psychological feelings, the yellow light is warm and romantic, and the white light is fresh and bright, fully demonstrating your definition of different scenes and meeting the atmosphere needs of different scenes
5.It can move on the track, and can also rotate the angle to accurately locate the irradiation direction, flexibly compatible with various spaces
6.Flexible dual-axis rotation, precise positioning of the irradiation direction
7.The preferred aluminum lamp body, anti-corrosion and rust-proof, durable
8.Deep light and anti-glare, good light transmittance, soft and uniform
9.Reasonable heat dissipation design, strong air convection design, quickly absorb the heat of the chip
10.High-efficiency built-in IC constant current drive to ensure stable lighting effect, stable transformer performance, and good voltage transformation and decompression function
11.High-quality optical lens, good concentration, high light transmittance, crystal clear surface, uniform light transmission
12.The best quality lamp beads can effectively reduce blue light damage
13.Anti-surge design, prolong the life of lamps and lanterns
14.Fashion and high value, classic black and white color matching, beautiful from every angle

Product Spec

Code Watt Lumen(lm) Optic Size(mm) Installation
8696301 10W 945lm 15°/24°/36° 95*63*145 2/3/4 wires
8696302 20W 1760lm 15°/24°/36° 95*63*145 2/3/4 wires
8696303 30W 2830lm 15°/24°/36° 115*75*145 2/3/4 wires
8696304 40W 3810lm 15°/24°/36° 115*75*145 2/3/4 wires
CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 80-100
IP Rating IP20
Install style Recessed
Optional Control Triac/0-10V/DALI
Operating temperature -20℃-+40℃
Working Life 30000H
Ouput voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Transformer mounting built-in
Control on/off
Housing Color White/Black
Certificate CE
Warrenty 3 years
Applications Living room, bedroom, dining room, aisle, hotel, office area, shopping mall, etc.

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