Flexible Rotation Aluminum Black White LED 5/12/24W Adjustable Track Light Track Spotlight with Honeycomb

Short Description:

1.Flexible dual axis rotation
2.Porous smooth hat dissipation
3.Honeycomb-shaped PMMA lens
4.High-grade aluminum lamp body,strong and durable
With the integrated industrial chain from LED welding,part forming,surface treatment to assembly,most key components and treatment of VACE Lighting are completed inside.Every products must pass more than 20 production process and inspection procedures with strictly meet the international standard,so that could ensure product precision and quality.

Product Detail

Product Feature

1.Classic black and white color options
2.Frosted aluminum lamp body has good corrosion resistance, no rust, no fading, efficient heat dissipation and durability
3.Efficient heat dissipation design allows faster heat release of the chip and effectively prolongs lamp life.
4.The installation is convenient, and the lamps can slide at any position on the track
5.It can rotate easily and move flexibly, and the angle and position can be adjusted according to the demand
6.Warm light, neutral light, white light, suitable for different installation environments
7.Conjoined lens, with transmittance up to 95% and uniform light
8.High quality energy-saving LED chip, thick double gold wire design, high brightness and long service life
9.The light is concentrated and the light is soft. It echoes with clothes and other items, and attracts the attention of consumers
10.The color rendering index is ≥ 80. The color rendering index refers to that the light source with high color rendering index needs to be used to correctly express the original color of the material. Its value is close to 100, and the color rendering is the best. The higher the color rendering product, the more comfortable the overall light is

Product Spec

Code Watt Lumen(lm) Optic Size(mm) Installation
8610320 5/7W 350/390lm 24° 53*75*127 2 wires
8610321 12W 850lm 24° 73*120*159 2 wires
8610322 18/24W 1450/1920lm 24° 100*142*196 2 wires
CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 70-80
IP Rating IP20
Install style Recessed
Optional Control Triac/0-10V/DALI
Operating temperature -20℃-+40℃
Working Life 30000H
Ouput voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Transformer mounting standard on/off
Control remote
Housing Color White/Black
Certificate  CE
Warrenty 3 years
Applications Shops/Office/Lobby/Showroom

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