Wholesales Round Ultra Thin SMD 4W/6W/8W/12W/18W/24W Slim IP40 CE RoH Residential Recessed Downlight

Short Description:

1. Multi specification selection,suitable for different levels of high spatial lighting needs

2. IP44 and IP20 for option

3. Ultra-thin lamp body, space-saving solution, only needs 28mm ceiling space.

4. DOB design,easier to install

5. Bean angle 110°, Large luminous surface bright and comfortable.

6. Healthy eye protection

7. Intelligent power saving

8. High transmittance lampshade

9. High color rendering and high luminous efficiency

10. Black and white color for selection

11. Easy installation

Product Detail

Product feature

1.Industrial plastic:choose economic and reliable material.Composite material,reinforced insulation,environmental protection.
2.PC mask:Bright,soft and evenly lit,PC mask is adopted,The area of the beam is lager and brighter
3.High quality driver:IC solution with stable performance and quality
4.Ra>80:The color index is up to 80Ra,which is the natural color closer to the object being illuminated,built in SMD chips,good color and high brightness.
5.High efficiency radiator:adapt integrated design,unique plastic heat dissipation structure,improve heat dissipation efficiency ,effectively prolong service life.
6.High transmission lamp shade:white baking paint surface is uniform and anti-oxidation,anti-rust and anti-corrosion
7.strong and powerful buckle,stable installation,not easy to fall.
8.IP44 water proof:The IP44 is designed for use in humid spaces,suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
9.SMD light source:A lighting system that meets high light quality standard
10.Three colors are optional, you can choose according to your needs. Different color temperatures bring people different feelings, which can meet the needs of various places
11.High-quality materials are selected to achieve no stroboscopic hazard light that is invisible to the eyes and cannot be photographed by mobile phone
12.Unique heat dissipation structure,to improve heat dissipation efficiency,select LED light source,core semiconductor,long life,high brightness,energy saving
13.Suitable for long-term lighting work in engineering halls,also workable for all kinds of home life and public environment
14.excellent heat dissipation,high efficient ,long lifespan reached to 30000 hours ,with CE and ROHS Certificate ,Welcome any OEM project.
15.The light transmission covers a wide area
16.Preferred SMD light source,high efficiency and energy saving

CCT : 3000K/4000K/6000K
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):80-100
IP Rating : IP20/IP40
Install style:Recessed
Optional Control : Triac/0-10V/DALI/TUYA WIFI/TUYA Bluetooth/TUYA Zigbee
Operating temperature: -20℃-+40℃
Working Life : 30000H
Ouput voltage : 220-240V 50/60Hz
Transformer mounting: built-in/remote
Control : standard on/off
Housing Color : White
Certificate : CE/RoHS
Warrenty : 3 years
Applications:Shops/Office/Bedroom/Living Room/Residential


Code Watt Lumen(lm) Optic Cut-out(mm) Size(mm) Installation
8888302 4W 320lm 110° 90-100 92*28 recessed
8888304 6W 480lm 110° 95-105 115*28 recessed
8888305 8W 640lm 110° 120-130 142*28 recessed
8888306 12W/15W 960/1200lm 110° 145-155 170*28 recessed
8888307 18W 1440lm 110° 170-180 195*28 recessed
8888308 24W 1920lm 110° 195-205 223*28 recessed

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