VACE Gallery Museum Aluminum LED COB 10/20/30W Black White Track Light Adjustable Beam Angle LED Zommable Track Light

Short Description:

1.Stepless zoomable:the beam angle can be adjustable from 15°to 60°
2.Vertically titled ±90° and horizontally rotated 350°to project wherever you want
3.Die-cast aluminum material guarantees corrosion protection,rust prevention and better heat disspation
4.The focusing scale can be easily memorized and adjusted,and the lighting is more convenient.

Product Detail

Product Feature

1.Rotate the lamp head to adjust the light angle you want
2.Simple appearance, smooth and round lamp body, smooth surface treatment, not easy to rust, easy to take care
3.The back of the track spotlight is designed with multiple cooling ventilation holes to ensure that the internal temperature of the lamp body is quickly dissipated, and the operation is long-lasting, safe and durable.
4.The lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, 360° rotation up and down 90° can be freely adjusted, and the track sliding can easily adjust the lighting angle
5.The product adopts COB chip, high brightness, low power consumption, high color rendering index, long life, low light decay, etc.
6.Three light colors are optional, different light colors can produce different visual effects
7.The high transmittance optical lens has higher light output than ordinary lenses, which can suppress glare and make the light effect better.
8.15° - 60° aperture size adjustment, from condensing to astigmatism, from focusing to light effect, to meet the needs of most customers
9.Adjustable focus aperture with scale, more intuitive adjustment, more convenient to use
10.Rotating the lamp head can adjust the lighting effect, suitable for a variety of environments, focusing and astigmatism can be adjusted according to actual needs
11.Highly restore the color, truly present the natural color of the irradiated object, and effectively eliminate the impact on vision caused by the low color rendering index
12.Applicable to more decoration scenarios, such as exhibition halls, shopping malls, clothing stores, jewelry stores, etc., to give buyers a real sensory experience

Product Spec

Code Watt Lumen(lm) Optic Size(mm) Installation
8613104D 10w 800lm 15-60° 60*122*127 2/3/4 wires
8613104E 15w 1350lm 15-60° 60*127*127 2/3/4 wires
8613104F 20w 1750lm 15-60° 60*135*127 2/3/4 wires
CCT 3000K/4000K/6000K
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w) 80-100
IP Rating IP20
Install style track rail 2/3/4 wires
Optional Control Triac/0-10V/DALI
Operating temperature -20℃-+40℃
Working Life 30000H
Ouput voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz
Transformer mounting built-in
Control standard on/off
Housing Color White/Black
Certificate  CE
Warrenty 3 years
Applications exhibition halls, shopping malls, clothing stores, jewelry stores,home

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